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The Complete Book of Bonsai - A Practical Guide to the Art and Cultivation of Bonsai - by Harry Tomlinson This has to be the bible for all bonsai growers and is a must for your book collection. It is splendidly illustrated and contains Harry Tomlinson's shared, extensive knowledge of bonsai art, cultivation and styling techniques. The book contains a comprehensive species guide, compendium of trees and shrubs suitable for bonsai and a useful glossary of terms. This book is recommended for both beginners and those with more knowledge.
Bonsai Landscapes - Peter Adams, Bill Jordan (Photographer) As well as general chapters on tools, materials and chosing and shaping plants, this superbly colour illustrated book gives detailed step by step guides on creating 13 individual landscapes including the materials requires for each. Peter Adams provides creative suggestions to help you assemble your own miniature landscapes.
The Art of Flowering Bonsai - Peter D. Adams Part I of this specialised book gives useful advice on the main principles of of creating bonsai, together with step by step illustrations. Part II looks at ten flowering species in depth - Cotoneaster, Crab Apple, Firethorn, White and Red Hawthorn, Deciduous Holly, Pomegranate, Quince, Wisteria, Japanese Flowering Apricot, Japanese Satsuki and Kurume Azaleas. Peter Adams provides a splended manual for the care of flowering species.
Bonsai - A Hamlyn Care Manual - by Colin Lewis This is a superby illustrated manual, which takes the reader through the usual growing, styling and potting techniques, but for the more discerning Colin Lewis provides explicit diagrams and descriptions of plant physiology. A susbstantial part of the book is dedicated to a Tree Directory, giving the reader a valuable guide as to where to locate the tree and when to pot, prune, pinch, water and feed.
The Living Art of Bonsai - Principles & Techniques of Cultivation & Propagation - by Professor Amy Liang The first eighty pages of this book features a gallery showing the beauty of bonsai as a fine and living art. In the centre of the book there are reproductions of sixteen beautiful Chinese paintings depicting the varying bonsai syles. The author is a world-renowned bonsai artist and lecturer and brings a fresh perspective to bonsai cultivation, style and tecniques.
Bonsai Survival Manual - Colin Lewis A tree-by-tree guide to buying, maintenance and problem solving. This is an excellent one-stop reference for the beginner and the inexperienced. From buying through to caring, shaping, pruning and feeding. I give the presentation of the species profile a 'five star' rating.
Bonsai (101 Essential Tips) - Harry Tomlinson, Deni Bown This book provides a good visual guide to the art of bonsai, from growing from seed through to styling. It has a comprehensive species guide with about 400 illustrations, cultivation guidelines and instructions in classic bonsai styles.
Bonsai Techniques II - John Naka This is the second part of a two volume series published by the Bonsai Institute of California founded by John Naka. In this volume he shares his knowledge accumulated during a lifetime of creating and teaching bonsai cultivation and styling. This is a truly rewarding textbook for those who have mastered the basic techniques and want to develop their skills.
Guide to Bonsai - Simon and Schuster (Nature Guide Series) This is an excellent, compact, pocketbook reference and species guide.
Bonsai for Beginners - Craig Coussins This is a well written and excellently illustrated introduction to bonsai.
Making Bonsai Landscapes: The Art of Saikei - Herb L Gustafson Herb Gustafson has studied bonsai with Japanese Masters and teaches in colleges in the USA. Landscapes are his speciality and he combines this practical knowledge with that of the artistic appreciation of stones.
Bonsai in Your Home: An Indoor Growers' Guide - Paul Lesniewicz This book encompasses step-by-step instructions on bonsai care, a history of bonsai and superb colour photos.There is an alphabetical species guide and an extremely helpful question and answer section